I am a contemporary British artist working in London and the Dorset countryside. I work figuratively in all mediums with a strong emphasis on drawing.  My inspiration comes from memory and the world around me. I often work in series exploring various themes.

I prefer to let the images ‘do the talking’.

Born and raised on the west coast of Canada I have spent all of my adult life in England. My work has been selected for  various exhibitions, including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, NOA and Wells Art Contemporary.

I am a member of the Printmakers Council and a director at Park Studios. Some of my prints can be purchased at Print Solo.  Original ink drawings are available here.

If you have seen something you are interested in, here or elsewhere,  I’d be happy to receive a message via the contact page or you can email me directly at:  maureen@maureennathan.com