drawing is the thing!

it’s an exciting time for drawing.

I’ve been part of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party since 2010. a  group of delightful, talented people from all walks of life, all drawing each other in all corners of the world! it has changed my life in many ways, all for the better, too many to recount here. I’ve met quite a few of the artists in the ‘real’ world and hope to meet more as time goes on.

Portrait Revolution has just been published, a book full of inspiration, tips and techniques for creating portraits from people in the Portrait Party. I am delighted to be one of 15 featured artists in the book.


I found out today that two of my recent sketchbooks have been selected for the Rabley Drawing Centre Sketch 17 drawing prize and touring exhibition! one is Not Moleskine which I recently wrote about in this blog and the other is Unseeing and Now Broken. you can see my Facebook album with the drawings from this sketchbook here –

decay, appropriation, power, fallen regime, history, myth, nothing lasts. beauty does. looking at the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles at the British Museum. and other things.

Posted by Maureen Nathan on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

you can see why I think it’s an exciting time for drawing!

rev it up for women’s history month

if you find yourself in London between the 3rd and 15th of March try to get along to see this group  exhibition celebrating women’s history month.

I’ve spent the last week preparing and painting frames, wrapping drawings and working on a collaborative piece for the show. here’s a photo of the framed monoprints on the studio carpet, ready to go to the gallery!


This exhibition at espacio gallery is part of the Whitechapel Gallery First Thursdays


gearing up for 2015

The days are getting a little bit longer and I saw the first snowdrops of the year this morning. Happy New Year to you all!

Coming up in March I have work in a show to celebrate Women’s History Month at Espacio Gallery in London’s Shoreditch. A massive subject and overwhelming in many ways but really all history is Women’s History and all women affect other women. My approach is a stream of consciousness/interior monologue/mindstream,  but in visual terms. A dozen women who have touched my life in some way,  resulting in my own history.

Rev it Up PV


romance of the usual

Ernest Hemingway said ‘live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual’.   for me, there is a lot more romance in the ‘usual’.             here are some recent painting and drawings about that.

The New York Optimist

delighted to be featured in The New York Optimist today!

our girl

the first portrait I made for the resting eyes series was my youngest daughter who is a musician. she appears again to celebrate the release of her new single, Our Girl, together with her two band mates, in the latest drawing in this series and the first to include more than 1 person.

pencil on paper, 60x42cm

adventures in the material world

Happy to be included in the Material World,  2 part exhibition curated by  Shizico Yi, talented and energetic champion of the arts. wonderful to have an image in the catalogue (Catherine, ink and charcoal, from my ‘resting eyes’ series)  with a write up about my work, by Imogen Eveson

exhibition news

I am part of an artists’ co-operative gallery in  Shoreditch, east London,  called Espacio and  am happy to be included in a group exhibition there showing some of my portraits.  it would be lovely to meet you at the preview Thursday, 3rd April 6 to 10,  or on Monday, 7th April when I will be in the gallery from 4 to 7. the exhibition is on until 8th April.



one thing always leads to another!

there’s something about birds that I just can’t shake off and with spring in the air there have been many more of them about, singing their lovely heads off.  some ink and watercolour drawings

made me think about using my chopstick and ink again

and  then doing the same with some portraits

one thing always leads to another!

recent pencil portraits done for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.

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