I’ve gone outside

walking the dog in the english countryside I am struck by the quiet and emptiness of many of the farm buildings I pass. many of these buildings don’t fit the methods of modern agricultural practice and are  left to decay. often too,  economic factors mean no money for maintenance.  I have made sketchbook drawings and paintings  exploring  these abandoned farms with their absence of activity. I plan to continue with this theme and create a new series of work from it.

16 thoughts on “I’ve gone outside”

  1. I’m pleased that you are continuing with these Maureen. The colours are really subtle and you get the abandoned atmosphere very well.

    1. many thanks Sheila, there is a lot to explore on this theme and I’m working on some new paintings.

  2. Looks like a nice series. Speaking as someone who currently works from rural imagery I know there really is so much there that speaks about our values and world. There are some charming and decayed buildings, your work captures the quietude of winter and of the farm. I like this group, hope to see more.

    1. happy you can see the quietude in these Martin and I appreciate that you know what you’re talking about being in the rural landscape more often than anyone I know! There is more work to come in this series.

    1. thank you Shelley, there is something dreamlike in the absence of people or animals in these places.

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