the season changes

the air has the smell of bonfires about it with the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. the temperature has dropped to almost winter levels and we are on our way through autumn with darker afternoons and longer evenings ahead.  as usual there is still a lot going on in and out of the studio but I’m wearing warmer clothes now.

I’m happy to be an invited artist in a group show,  Shifting States,  at Espacio Gallery in London from 29 November to 11 December.

I will be showing work that began in the depths of the Dorset countryside adjacent to the sea along the Jurassic Coast. Taking inspiration from Seamus Heaney’s poem The Loaning, an Irish word for a pathway between two fields, I used the landscape as a compositional tool to play with colour, texture, space and form. a sense of being betwixt and between informed the work resulting in the lines between representation and abstraction becoming increasingly blurred.


and I have work in 2 upcoming print shows:                                                                                                 the Printmakers Council  Loosely Bound 18 November to 1 December and                             East London Printmakers Festival of Print  2 – 11 December

In October I was delighted to have  3 pieces from my history painting series on show at the Wells Art Contemporary annual exhibition in the Bishops Palace, Wells, Somerset. they were selected by Justin Mortimer, one of the judges this year.  Since I saw his portrait of Harold Pinter in 1992 I have liked and followed his work so it was a pleasure meeting him at the private view and I was happy to be able to thank him for selecting my work for the show.


8 thoughts on “the season changes”

  1. I am so pleased to hear how very busy you are. It is good to be productive like this and I know you are a woman of much energy but it is still impressive. Your more wintry abstracts have all those damp mossy and muddy colours of autumn / winter just right. I hope all goes well with the forthcoming shows.

    1. New ways of working can go either way but I’m excited about these and happy you feel the colours in these abstracts works! many thanks for commenting and the good wishes x

  2. you are an inspiration Maureen, in your fearless experimentation. Congratulations on your exhibitions and developments in your artworks.

  3. This is all excellent news, Maureen. I like your Dorset semi-abstract landscape pieces very much – definitely “betwixt and between” and very appealing. Best of luck with the show!

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