the tulips and hyacinths are up and about to flower, the evenings are lighter and although still chilly it’s warm when the sun comes out. to celebrate the arrival of spring  I’m offering free shipping on drawings in my shop! use the discount code SPRUNG at the checkout to take advantage of this. valid until 23/4/17.

enjoy the coming lighter, warmer days!

the season changes

the air has the smell of bonfires about it with the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. the temperature has dropped to almost winter levels and we are on our way through autumn with darker afternoons and longer evenings ahead.  as usual there is still a lot going on in and out of the studio but I’m wearing warmer clothes now.

I’m happy to be an invited artist in a group show,  Shifting States,  at Espacio Gallery in London from 29 November to 11 December.

I will be showing work that began in the depths of the Dorset countryside adjacent to the sea along the Jurassic Coast. Taking inspiration from Seamus Heaney’s poem The Loaning, an Irish word for a pathway between two fields, I used the landscape as a compositional tool to play with colour, texture, space and form. a sense of being betwixt and between informed the work resulting in the lines between representation and abstraction becoming increasingly blurred.


and I have work in 2 upcoming print shows:                                                                                                 the Printmakers Council  Loosely Bound 18 November to 1 December and                             East London Printmakers Festival of Print  2 – 11 December

In October I was delighted to have  3 pieces from my history painting series on show at the Wells Art Contemporary annual exhibition in the Bishops Palace, Wells, Somerset. they were selected by Justin Mortimer, one of the judges this year.  Since I saw his portrait of Harold Pinter in 1992 I have liked and followed his work so it was a pleasure meeting him at the private view and I was happy to be able to thank him for selecting my work for the show.


Dorset Art Weeks!

Dorset Art Weeks

This bi-annual two week open studio event is one of the largest of its kind in the country bringing artists and visitors together in ways that are totally different from entering a public gallery. it’s as much about engagement between people as about people and art. the artists  are happy to meet you and keen to talk to you about the extraordinary range of materials, skills and traditions that inform their work.

series worked on over the last year will be on show in my studio for the first time including ‘casbah’,  ‘asana’ and ‘poolside’,  original linocut collages. I will also be showing ink and chopstick drawings based on the iconic Dorset landscape together with paintings and drawings of the ever present rural pheasant who captured my heart and drawing materials over the winter.

I look forward to meeting visitors and hope the weather stays fine and dry but even if it pours with rain I’ll  still be happy to see you!

catch up news:

in April I participated in an exhibition to raise funds for Syria Relief  as part of the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, an ongoing initiative aimed at getting food and medical aid to the worst hit areas in Syria. Do click on the links and make the most of the opportunity to buy artworks donated by artists with all the proceeds going straight to the people who need it most.

I was chosen for Painting of the Day by British Contemporary Painting on their Facebook page in February and recently selected by Unison Colour Soft Pastels to be included as a featured artist on their webpage. Later in the year I will be teaching Introductory Drawing at  The New School of Art  in Sussex.

look forward to meeting some of you between 28th May to the 12th June  for Dorset Art Weeks!


not feeling good

earlier this year one of my daughters was in hospital for two months. I couldn’t help her but  I could draw, as always,  and I think it supported her to see me doing something that comes naturally in this unnatural situation. happily she is recovered and well again.

this series of drawings resulted in some print work which when assembled on the studio wall created a complete piece. addressing the concept of the  tried and tested medical treatment meted out on a daily basis, used to mend a body and bring it back to full health, with pattern pieces used repeatedly to create a fully wearable garment. a basic formula, like the repeated image of the hand with a cannula printed onto dressmaking pattern pieces. the pieces as random as the bodies the medical treatment attends to.



it’s time for the annual portrait show at espacio gallery and I’m happy to be showing  work from my series ‘resting eyes‘.  hope to see some of you at the private view or while the show is up. I’ll be in the gallery all day Tuesday, 14th!




rev it up for women’s history month

if you find yourself in London between the 3rd and 15th of March try to get along to see this group  exhibition celebrating women’s history month.

I’ve spent the last week preparing and painting frames, wrapping drawings and working on a collaborative piece for the show. here’s a photo of the framed monoprints on the studio carpet, ready to go to the gallery!


This exhibition at espacio gallery is part of the Whitechapel Gallery First Thursdays


gearing up for 2015

The days are getting a little bit longer and I saw the first snowdrops of the year this morning. Happy New Year to you all!

Coming up in March I have work in a show to celebrate Women’s History Month at Espacio Gallery in London’s Shoreditch. A massive subject and overwhelming in many ways but really all history is Women’s History and all women affect other women. My approach is a stream of consciousness/interior monologue/mindstream,  but in visual terms. A dozen women who have touched my life in some way,  resulting in my own history.

Rev it Up PV


happy holidays

wishing you a happy holiday season and a peaceful, creative 2015


making seen

new exhibition at espacio

I have some work with 11 other artists showing our own unique journeys into making art. each artist is ‘making seen’


the creative processes essential to the development of their work, allowing the viewer a glimpse into sources of inspiration. an invitation to see the ideas unfold, evolve and eventually develop into finished pieces.


espacio gallery,

shoreditch, london ec2

4-9 december

open daily 1-7

except tuesdays 1-5

preview 4 december 6-9





romance of the usual

Ernest Hemingway said ‘live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual’.   for me, there is a lot more romance in the ‘usual’.             here are some recent painting and drawings about that.