Dorset Art Weeks

Dorset Art Weeks  is one of the largest open studio events in the country bringing artists and visitors together in ways that are totally different from entering a public gallery. it’s as much about engagement between people as about people and art. the artists  are happy to meet you  and keen to talk to you about the extraordinary range of materials, skills and traditions that inform their work. this year I am one of those artists.

series worked on over the last year will be on show for the first time including ‘abandoned farms’ finished paintings and drawings together with sketchbooks and the ‘floral’ series, ink and watercolour drawings done from life in one sitting.  monoprint works, drawings, prints and cards will also be on display.

I look forward to meeting visitors and hope the weather stays fine and dry but even if it pours with rain, like all the artists, makers and designers taking part, will still be happy to see you!

a small taster of what’s in store



7 thoughts on “Dorset Art Weeks”

  1. Beautiful, Maureen, I especially love those barn pieces…It’s good to know they’ll have admiring visitors soon! Love that velvety red banner on the header of your blog.

  2. Lovely range of work. Very much like series where you can explore a subject you love over time, experimenting. The abandoned buildings seem to speak if loss. May your studio be full of visitiors.

  3. I like your abandoned farm paintings in particular Maureen. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to mention your website to the students in our art classes as I think they might be able to draw some inspiration from the paintings you produce. Keep up the good work!

    1. thank you Adrian, I’m glad you like the abandoned farm paintings and would be happy for you to point your students in my direction to have a look at the work.

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