horsing around

A friend in Canada sent me the details of a print project in Toronto last week with the theme of celebrating the  Chinese Year of the Horse. It looked interesting and I thought I’d see what I could come up with when I noticed that there was only a week until the final submission date!  I set myself the challenge of drawing some horses, a first for me, deciding on an image to make into a linocut print, carving the lino and printing the print in 4 days to give the Post Office time to get it from England to Canada in about 3 days. Air mail, of course. Could I do it?

I have always liked Elizabeth Frink’s sculptures and her horses appealed to me and I knew that there were several on public display in London. There are always subjects to draw at the British Museum too and the horses in the Parthenon Sculptures had something about them that caught my eye.  I made some drawings using various mediums and decided on an image for the linocut.




An afternoon spent cutting the lino and it was time to print. Checking my ink supplies I realised I didn’t have anything suitable! Nowhere to buy any at that time of the evening and leaving it until the next day would mean not enough drying time. what to do?

When proofing linoprints I always make a graphite rubbing on tissue. It looks good but it’s flimsy and just a way of seeing what needs doing.  I took extra care and made prints using graphite on tissue and then mounted them onto Japanese ho-sho printmaking paper. Voila – problem solved! 3 prints sent off and I met the deadline I had set myself. I will keep you updated on what happens to them when they arrive in Toronto.

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  1. That was a creative solution to your ink problem, Maureen. I love the image and do wish you much luck in the competition! BR

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